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Boost your start-up team's potential with Lark

60% of entrepreneurs are millennials, and Generation Z is quickly gaining recognition as the most entrepreneurial generation in history, with 62 percent of Gen Zers reporting that they have started or plan to start their own firm.

Increasingly, a younger, more competitive, and digitally savvy generation of business leaders is relying on technology that can keep up with their level of energy and corporate culture. Young entrepreneurs and corporate executives, of course, require a vision, a positive outlook, and go-getter dispositions in order to be successful. As a result, recruiting the right people and having a good toolbox to get the job done are both critical, especially now that working from home has become the standard.

With all that's happened in the last few months, we can confidently say that remote work is here to stay. To keep up with the sudden rise of remote work, firms and employees have become more efficient while remaining adaptable. As a result, it's more important than ever to have good time management skills, discipline, and concentration.

Leaders have had to reassess methods and find new ways to motivate and connect staff even when they are geographically apart. For this reason, companies like Lark have been scrambling to develop tools that make remote work more manageable for everyone.

When it comes to seamless collaboration, Lark has you covered with its feature-rich platform. Lark is a platform that combines numerous collaboration technologies, such as Chat, Calendar, and Docs to help teams work better together.

The agility of your crew will be boosted thanks to Lark

A millennial workforce is found in nearly all start-ups run by millennial CEOs. Businesses and teams in these sectors are resilient and agile, able to quickly adapt to both internal and external shocks while also being productive and efficient in the face of change (Figure 1).

Agile teams and digital nomads can utilize Lark's mobile-optimized features to work whenever, wherever, and from any device. Multiple people can edit the same Lark Doc simultaneously in real-time, making collaboration a breeze. So that users know when something needs to be taken care of immediately, team members can tag one another within a document with an alert. In addition, teams may store 200GB of documents and files in the cloud for free with a Lark account.

Lark gives remote teams more control

With Lark's tools, every remote member of your start-up's team can do their best work online. You can stay in touch and coordinate your efforts with ease using Lark Messenger, Lark Mail, and Lark Video Call. Using Lark Calendar, anyone can quickly launch a Video Call conference with up to 100 people, and there is no time limit on how long the meeting can last.

Thanks to the integrated Lark Calendar, team members can see each other's schedules and project timeframes, which improves transparency in distributed teams. The availability of the complete unit can be seen at a glance, and numerous time zones may be viewed, making scheduling simple for teams situated all over the world.

With Lark, you can set up a virtual workplace and stay in touch from anywhere. Use Lark Messenger to keep tabs on your coworkers throughout the day. By clicking on the camera icon in the chat window, anyone can initiate an audio or video call for conversations with a single colleague or a group. As a result, switching to another app or creating a new meeting group isn't necessary.

Maintain a virtual connection amongst the members of your team. Town halls and company-wide presentations benefit from Lark's video call capability. Up to 100 people can be on a single video conference simultaneously with Lark's unlimited video minutes.

In video conversations, presenting a document or sharing a screen makes it possible for the entire team to practically be on the same page and follow what the presenter is saying. Teams can update a shared document while on video conference, making notes and modifications, adding action points, or listing next steps, all from within the video call window.

Remote employees can open, read, and comment on documents and sheets using Lark Docs. To get immediate input, colleagues can use the @ sign to tag each other in emails and documents. It is possible to give each member of your team a virtual push by sending an alert over chat, telling them that their attention is needed, and highlighting the specific area of the document they need to work on.

Lark is designed to grow with your company

Use Lark Workplace, which integrates third-party applications within the app, to add vital tools to your digital workspace. It even allows you to build your apps from scratch with only basic coding skills. It is also feasible to increase your online storage capacity if the free cloud storage capacity is no longer adequate for your expanding start-up.

You can simply onboard external teams and partners on Lark by giving external access to work files and folders and messenger groups and video meetings for outsourced jobs and procedures for increased efficiency. In addition, because Lark only allows a small number of people access to your critical information, you can rest assured that it is safe.

Nas Daily, whose global production crew generates films that impact today's society, is one successful start-up that has used Lark to its advantage. For scheduling video shootings, they use Lark Calendar; for scripting and sending them, they use Lark Docs; for instant messaging, they use Lark Messenger; and for meetings, they use Lark Video Calls.

The use of a single piece of software to accomplish multiple tasks

Lark Calendar is a third-party app that's linked with Lark Chat and Lark Docs. To create an event, click the + sign in the upper-right corner of the calendar. If introductions or pre-meeting huddles are required, a chat group can be started even before the meeting begins at each event. As a result, once the session gets started, everyone can focus on the subject at hand, which helps increase productivity and efficiency.

A single search toolbar in Lark's interface allows team members to locate information quickly and effortlessly across multiple data types. In addition, lark's real-time translator tool supports over 300 languages, making it easy to communicate across cultures. In today's globally interconnected society, this is essential for collaboration to continue across national boundaries.

All work resources can be accessed on any device and from any location with Lark. The cloud is a great place to keep everything. With an AWS certification, Lark adheres to the most stringent cloud computing regulations, protecting the privacy of its users. So that everyone can stay focused on getting their work done, the security of files, information, and conversations is ensured.

You can access your cloud-based files anywhere and anytime

With the Lark app, you can access your files, chats, and other data from anywhere since everything you do is kept in the cloud. If you have to go to the store but need to submit a file as soon as possible, you can use Lark on your mobile device to do so quickly and easily.

Because Lark uses an AWS certification that rigorously complies with cloud computing laws, you don't have to be concerned about the security or privacy of your data saved in the cloud.

As long as you use Lark, you may take advantage of these free tools and capabilities to stay connected and productive even when working from different locations. Lark is a company's ally for growth and advancement, not just a tool. You won't have to spend a lot of money.

Lark is open-source software that may be used for any business. Lark is designed to be your go-to tool for your digital transformation as a company, whether you're a start-up or an established one.


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