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Syncing your Calendar on Airtable

You may have an external calendar software that you'd like to keep in sync with Airtable if you use it to plan and schedule. If you wish to put this up, you have a few options, based on the needs of your workflow.

One-way sync

You might maintain your calendar outside of Airtable, but you may also have a sequence of events in Airtable that you'd like to add to your calendar. In this situation, all you need is a one-way sync that takes your Airtable events and syncs them to your preferred calendar software. This method necessitates the least amount of work and set-up.

To begin, open the base you'd like to work with and navigate to the table containing the events you wish to add to your calendar. If you have more than one table with events, simply repeat the procedures above for the other tables.

  1. Create a new calendar view for this table (or select one you've previously built).

  2. To populate the calendar's events, select any date column in your table. You can also put an end date here if you have two date fields that make up a range.

  3. After you've set up your calendar, go to the table toolbar's share button and scroll down to the bottom of the selections. Copy the iCal subscription URL to the clipboard by clicking it.

  4. Bookmark that URL in your calendar app. You're all set!

One-way import

In some circumstances, you may want to alter the order of events. The calendar import block can be used to do a one-way import, which takes events from your existing calendar app and inserts them as new records in Airtable.

To begin the import process, save copies of your calendars as ICS files. This will ensure that they are in the correct format for import. Most calendar software should export in ICS because it is an open standard for digital calendars (or at least offer it as one of its export format options).

Once you've got your ICS files ready, go to the base you wish to utilize and do the following:

  1. Select the calendar import table from the drop-down menu.

  2. To open your blocks dashboard (if it isn't currently open), click the Blocks button in the toolbar.

  3. The calendar import block should be added to your base.

  4. To begin the import process, grab an ICS file you want to import and drag it onto the block.

  5. Match the fields in your chosen table to the event information from your calendar. On the right side of the block, you'll see real instances of the imported data sorted in the order you choose, so you can see if anything is off.

  6. When you're ready, click the Create records button and wait for the impact.

Everything from your exported calendar should now appear in the Airtable table you selected. You can use the same procedure to import any other calendars you require now or in the future.

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