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What’s new in Airtable?

You may now introduce new types of data to your system, ensuring that your team remains structured around a single source of truth. You'll be able to keep track of timelines more easily to keep your projects and campaigns on track and within budget. You may also easily build automated email digests to keep everyone informed.

Let's see what's new in Airtable!

A new way to track progress and organize your sidebar

Gantt View

It all starts with the new Gantt view, which lets users manage project deliverables by start and finish dates, along with dependencies. Airtable has modified their original Gantt app with your most-requested changes and replaced it with the new view.

You may now generate the view straight from your sidebar, utilize it in full-screen mode, and share it with others. Airtable also added "Milestones," which allow teams to view specific project deadlines or checkpoints in a timeline. With Nested Groupings, users can additionally hide weekends and switch between birds-eye and granular views.

Organize your sidebar

Teams with complicated workflows utilize thousands of views to visualize their data, which can make larger teams' view sidebars difficult to browse. That's Airtable created view sections. This feature, as simple as it seems, allows you to divide your views into collapsible pieces. Airtable believes that large teams will find the new, sleek sidebar to be more efficient and user-friendly.

New ways to sync essential data

Introducing Airtable Sync to make it easier for teams to sync their most important data, even if it's stored in various databases. However, your company's data may be stored in other platforms, such as Salesforce and Google. So we’re expanding the functionality of Airtable Sync to help teams harness that data, too.

Collaborate across external data sources

External source synchronization allows for automatic—and ongoing—synchronization from permitted sources. When that data is imported into Airtable, a slew of additional options open up. For campaign planning, marketing teams, for example, can sync in a list of top accounts from Salesforce.

Syncing data from Google Calendar, Jira Cloud, Box, and Salesforce is now available.

Sync across multiple sources

Airtable now allows you to combine various external or internal sources into a single display. It's called multi-source syncing, and it's a simplified, enterprise-ready solution to collect, monitor, and act on crucial data.

It's ideal for integrating data from several teams into a consolidated company roadmap or making executive rollups of communications activity across business functions.

A new way to automate and help teams scale

While each organization is unique, many of its problems are the same. Teams must keep track of key data, convey changes to stakeholders, and deal with inefficient context switching between a variety of services. The correct automations can help alleviate those pressures, but getting started can be difficult for non-technical people.

That's why Airtable put together a carefully curated list for you to peruse. This hand-picked selection of pre-built automations covers a wide range of scenarios, such as tweeting or sending a Slack message, and includes a straightforward, guided approach for getting started with them at your company.

Save time with automated email digests

Teams may now create a recurring email digest based on ever-changing data in their databases with the new email automation. These email digests are ideal for reducing the time spent on tedious status checks and standup meetings. Creating, scheduling, and sending emails to relevant parties at any frequency you desire is nearly straightforward.

Use automations with your best-in-class services

Airtable has also made automations available with a number of popular applications, allowing you to automate external tasks and avoid context switching:

  • Google Workspace: Sync your Google Calendar when events are created, changed, or removed.

  • Outlook: Outlook may be used to update emails and calendar events, as well as Airtable data.

  • Hootsuite: Draft your campaigns in Hootsuite.


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