What's New in Lark: Tower Task

To help teams reduce workload during busy days, implementing an effective communication and collaboration software is crucial. Regardless of the work or environment, Lark enables teams to collaborate efficiently.

Introducing Tower Task, a project management and task collaboration solution. Tower Task, as a specialist project management solution, is tightly linked with Lark, providing customers with a comprehensive tool for managing projects, team tasks, and goals.

Some of the key benefits of using Tower Task on Lark include:

  • Task management - With intelligent management software, you can stay on top of all your activities, create working objectives, and get a bird's eye view of team duties. You can also see all of the tasks you've created and collaborated on at a glance.

  • Project management - Tower Task offers a variety of customization options for each stage of the project management process. Users can change the project fields, layout, and sceneries, among other things. Tower Task provides several industrial templates to help users get started with their project management journey in various circumstances, such as software development, product design, marketing and sales, and so on. These templates are straightforward and interesting, making them an excellent initial step for new users.

  • Project Groups give you the full picture - Project Groups are a collection of unique projects that help leaders and managers to have control over teams and employee roles across a number of tasks in order to improve organizational decisions.

Here's how Lark brings out the best in Tower Task:

  • Link with Lark's cloud documents and sheets - You may have a lot of task documents to manage throughout the project management process. Team members can effortlessly manage files thanks to Tower Task's interface with Lark's cloud docs and sheets. On the task details page of Tower Task, team members can search for and create new Lark cloud documents and sheets as attachments.

  • Link with Lark's Messenger - Tower Task will automatically create a group conversation in Lark Messenger for all project members when you create a project. Group chat instantly brings everyone on the same page and aids in the onboarding of new members.

  • Project management assistant in Lark - To see all of Lark's project management shortcuts, users can talk to the Tower Task Bot. Users can specify whatever type of project information they want to know inside their project management progress, for example, and monitor the project status and members' workload at a glance.


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