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10 Best Integrations & Automations for Marketers on Airtable

Airtable's versatility is relied on by thousands of marketing teams to help them create new campaigns, attract click-throughs, increase conversions, and influence total revenue.

We've built this blog and our new marketplace collection to help your team gain even more value out of Airtable, whether you're an Airtable aficionado or just starting started.

The average marketer spends two to three days per month preparing reports, with 36% spending more than four days (one full week) piecing together data from various sources. Efficient technology must adapt to your demands and workflows, not the other way around.


By integrating your Airtable marketing base with the tools and platforms you already use, you can unlock powerful automations, resulting in more productive teams and more time to focus on strategic activities.

Here are a few we recommend:

  1. Hootsuite - Automate the sending of social media message copy from your marketing campaign workflows in Airtable to Hootsuite for scheduling and publication.

  2. Box - Send Box file information (URL, attachment, etc.) directly into an Airtable display. Marketers who need to watch their content flow in Airtable and collaborate with a design team that hosts their creativity in Box frequently utilize this.

  3. Salesforce - Create or edit Salesforce records from your Airtable marketing database with ease. Marketers often utilize this to pass contact or opportunity information to sales professionals using Salesforce.

  4. Google Calendar - Send Google Calendar event data directly to your Airtable marketing database. Use this to sync Google-managed content or campaign calendars with Airtable, allowing marketing teams to take action on the data.

  5. Microsoft Outlook - To further integrate Microsoft Outlook email and calendar into your Airtable workflow, use automated triggers and actions. This is useful when working with outside vendors who give deliverables to your marketing staff via email.


Airtable Automations is a robust "rules engine" that enables teams to automate even the most complicated procedures. You may save time, increase productivity, and reduce repeated activities and human errors by implementing simple if-then rules.

6. Send a weekly digest - Send a recurrent email to your stakeholders, updating them on the progress on a regular basis.

7. Post to Twitter - Directly share information from your Airtable marketing base on Twitter.

8. Send a Slack message - Send data to a Slack channel from an Airtable base.

19. Create a new record from Google Sheets - Sync information from Google Sheets into Airtable.

20. Update a record - Automatically update a field associated with a record based on actions in Airtable.


If you're excited and interested to keep learning about Airtable, you can join our community called Airtable Makers of the Philippines.



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