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Ditch your spreadsheet and maximize Airtable as your content calendar

We all know how important an editorial calendar or a spreadsheet is to a marketing or publishing department. Every organization can benefit from using spreadsheets to store data and keep track of the progress of each team member collaborating simultaneously on a project.

Marketing online is essential for any business, especially with the current economy and the world's situation because of the pandemic. Content marketing helps organization boosts their efforts to reach out to their customers and raise brand awareness.

"92% of marketers said their organization considers content to be a valuable asset." - The Content Marketing Institute (CMI).

While according to HubSpot, about 55% of marketers, creating blog content is their top inbound marketing goal.

An editorial calendar is usually a spreadsheet where most of the publishing schedule, topic, and other important information for the team member is located, where team members can have access and see the plan and the line up for the marketing department remotely, whether it's a blog or a video content that needs to be done.

Content marketing can be hectic, and the marketing department usually needs an efficient tool like a content calendar to help them be productive. Airtable helps streamline the content production, organizing, and managing processes. Organizations equipped with Airtable as a tool can have workflow processes that are easy and reliable. One of its key features as a platform is it's easy to navigate and has a much better feature than an ordinary spreadsheet.

Your editorial calendar doesn't only help the members keep track of the schedule and helps them with the production, management, and distribution of the path for the whole organization. At the same time is a collaboration tool where members can communicate with each other immediately. We all need to work with a tool to help us create quality content and make the production process.

How to use Airtable as an editorial calendar:

1. Organization and planning

Airtable should be a go-to tool for an organization since content marketing stages, from planning to publishing, can be hectic and all over the place. Marketing or publishing teams should stay on top of their deadlines. Airtable is a tool that can help a department foresee problems in the future and work on the present workload productively, optimizing the content's quality in the long run.

Another thing that you can do with Airtable is you can organize information into one table where the discreet table is and at the same time add another content into the mix. The spreadsheet will help separate content and information without being confusing for the people who are using it.

2. Flexible and easy to navigate features

The best thing about Airtable is it's not only a spreadsheet and a database tool, but it also can be used by the sales team for customer relationship management or project management. In general, digitally mature companies use cloud-based project management tools that keep members in all departments worldwide collaborating and communicating on a remote setup.

You may upload a spreadsheet straight to Airtbale if you already have one. To get started, go to Airtable's home screen and click "Add a base" to upload a CSV file or copy and paste data.

Airtable will convert your spreadsheet rows into Airtable records, with the columns serving as the base's initial set of fields.

3. Customizable

Airtable is customized with its structure and the workflow process of each team. And at the same time, it also has a database that stores valuable information. If your team is using Airtable has features such as dropdown menus and checkboxes that remove the time-consuming process of manually copy-pasting details on a traditional spreadsheet. Think of Airtable as a modern version of a spreadsheet that is easy to use and reliable. Airtable is just like an excel sheet but better since you can customize it by adding colors as labels, custom filters and utilize other view types from Kanban to the calendar.

You can return to the view picker and build a new calendar view to create an editorial calendar view. You can monitor several dates on a single calendar with Airtable's Pro plan.

You can change the field type with the Customize field type option from the dropdown menu next to the field name to format your new fields. When you change the field type, it will try to convert the data in the current field to the new type's information, notifying you if there are any formatting issues.

If you're wondering what an Airtable field is, it's usually the calendar view that you can see when you access your spreadsheet on your table. You can customize it and take advantage of different features from the headline to adding images updating the status of the due date, assigning team members, which all are a part of the content marketing production.

Airtable cuts the time-consuming process of marketing teams from different organizations worldwide, making it an innovative tool not just for planning but also for storing data. It's an organizational tool that is a popular choice by huge brands around the world. Well-known brands or companies use Airtable from Medium to Netflix.

Other departments of a company should have access to Airtable if needed since it's an all-around tool that will help department heads or managers have different workflow processes, and it's not solely confined to one purpose. It enables the members of the project to deliver top-notch quality content and have high productivity levels.


If you're excited and interested to keep learning about Airtable, you can join our community called Airtable Makers of the Philippines.



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