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Using Airtable - the best project management tool for marketing teams

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are expected to work faster than ever before. Digital transformation has made it possible for businesses to be agile and innovative. Today, marketing is about pushing products and services for customers to see and building brand loyalty and making it stick to people's minds.

The faster brands can cater to customers' needs in content marketing through a blog or answering an inquiry online, the better for them to engage them in the long run. Nowadays, customers expect businesses to respond faster through social media.

According to the 2020 Sprout Social IndexTM, 40% of customers want companies to reply within an hour of reaching out on social media, and 79% anticipate a response within 24 hours. This shows the majority of customers want businesses to respond to them on social media that day.

"It is no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow."

- Eric Pearson, CIO, International Hotel Group (HG)

If brands are slow on getting back to them, they can leave the customer disgruntled or move on to a competitor. Time is an essence in business and marketing, and for the marketing teams that are still adjusting to the pace, it can be overwhelming initially. Regardless of whether a company is a startup or an established one, customers still have the same expectation regarding the speed of communication and innovation they can bring to the table. The question is, how can you make their lives better? And what makes your brand different from the rest remains as a foundation for their trust in you.

"In today's era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, That's it. Because nothing else is sustainable, everything else you create, somebody else will replicate."

- Jeff Bezos, Founder, Amazon.

As a brand, marketing is now crucial for brands to thrive and make time work on their side. For example, the trend nowadays during the COVID -19 pandemic is for brands that are vocal on their stand on social issues such as Black lives matter or the political issues in a specific country. Some customers know that other brands are jumping off the bandwagon of marketing trends, while others see the brand's authenticity when it comes to supporting social causes.

While other businesses take the opportunity to develop effective marketing campaigns at a specific time frame such as the holidays or special projects to boost their engagement with their customers by pre-planning before the actual launch.

For example, fast food chains are always innovative in promoting their new products on the menu before it releases, such as the BTS collaboration with McDonald's to boost customer loyalty and merge the Korean market on a global scale.

Effective collaboration is about maximizing time, talent, and tools to create value. The old way was the pass-along approach. I do my job and then pass along my work product to you. You do your piece of it and pass it to somebody else.- Evan Rose

Marketing teams of different businesses are working harder to make them unique among their competitors and at the same time usher in change by working by utilizing digital tools on a time-pressured frame now more than ever on a remote basis.

They will need to collaborate efficiently, although the challenges working from home brings include internet connection problems, technological issues, and workflow increases. Team members of a marketing team should have a project management tool such as Airtable to rely on all types of marketing and admin tasks projects.

Collaboration is no longer seen as a challenge, especially when there are countless communication channels for an organization to use, from Lark to Slack. Airtable is a powerful tool that houses different features perfect for marketing teams working in a fast-paced setting. It needs a streamlined process and access to information in real time while securing it in the process.

Here are the new features of Airtable that make it the best project management tool for marketing teams:

Whether a marketing manager or team lead is assigning projects or managing team members remotely, Airtable has features that can efficiently help teams stay in sync with the tools and information they will need on the get-go. The best thing about cloud-based digital tools is it's flexible, easy to access, and customizable all which Airtable has.

Whether your marketing team is tracking content production for a marketing campaign, Airtable has a multi-source sync option that can make your team pull up data easily from one place; think about Google Calendar or Jira. This feature makes marketing team members always in the know. It cuts the time-consuming search for databases and essential information required to do a particular task or project.

Chart app

Charts are essential for marketing teams who constantly do analytics or ROI reporting, and it helps them create a customized reporting dashboard directly to the base. They also can create custom task templates that cut the time-consuming process of building a report from scratch.

Suggested automation

Ninety-one percent of marketing automation users feel that it is “very important” to the overall performance of their online marketing operations, according to Invespcro.

Automations are the marketing team's best friend since it makes their job easier. Airtable already has pre-made automation for different purposes, from posting on a social media account to sending a Slack message.

Gantt view

Airtable is known for its wide range of views for its users from calendars to Kanban, and now it has Gantt view that helps marketing team members or upper management get a preview of what the project is about from a glance since it has a visual approach. It also makes scheduling and managing projects easier to customize with this view.


Airtable is a no-code project management tool that helps marketing teams access integrated apps and stay in sync with other tasks and information and databases such as scripts. The Marketplace feature allows you to explore and install Airtable-created apps. More than 50 apps are offered to marketing teams.

Airtable is the project management tool that marketing teams can utilize for a much-streamlined process of working with marketing campaigns or managing administrative tasks. It's easy to use, keeps members updated in real-time, and has all the tools and applications they will need to get the job done.


If you're excited and interested to keep learning about Airtable, you can join our community called Airtable Makers of the Philippines.



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